We sell two types of travel insurance: travel risk insurance and travel cancellation insurance. We are an agent for Allianz Assistance, one of the world's largest travel insurance specialists.

Travel risk

This type of insurance covers you against the normal risks of travel, including lost and damaged luggage, stolen and lost property, medical emergency, hospitlization and emergency evacuation. Allianz has policies for Europe and worldwide. If you travel with Allianz travel insurance, Allianz stands guarantee for medical and hospital costs from day one. Other insurance policies require that you pay the bills first and then you make a claim when you return home. Allianz  telephone assistance is available 24 hours a day.

Example coverage:
Medical expenses in case of illness or accident during the insured period
doctor's fees
hospitalization and operation
treatment and medical prescriptions
transportation to nearest hospital or doctor in case of serious illness or accident
repatriation to the Netherlands in case of serious illness or accident of the insured person(s)
cost to save and rescue insured person(s) in case of assumed accident
transportation costs to the Netherlands in case of death of the insured person(s)
travel costs to the Netherlands in case of life threatening illness or accident of relatives (only first and second degree relative)

Insured amounts
Medical expenses - no limit
(dental expenses up to EUR 500,- as a result of an accident & up to EUR. 250,- in case of urgent treatment)
Repatriation/Transportation/Travelcosts - no limit­
Saving and rescue costs in case of assumed accident of the insured person(s) EUR 50.000,
Luggage - Maximum EUR 4.000,- per person

Travel cancellation
You can lose up to 100% of the cost of your holiday or ticket if you have to cancel your booking. Cancellation insurance protects you against the consequences of involuntary cancellation, for example, due to accident or injury, illness, death in the family, unexpected pregnancy or losing your job through no fault of your own. There are several other specific causes of cancellation which are covered. Cancellation insurance also works while you are travelling: if you have to cut short your trip because of a covered event, you can claim back the value of the unused days. Allianz Assistance also offers ticket-only cancellation insurance for flights.

This insurance covers indemnification for:
cancellation expenses
holiday days outstanding in case of premature termination or interruption
holiday days outstanding in case of delayed departure (up to a maximum of 3 days) 
due to, among other things:
serious illness, accident or death affecting you, your travelling companions or relatives
extensive damage to property as a result of fire, storm etc
unemployment, due to economical reasons
to resit an examination during the booked journey
permanent disruption of the insured's marriage or cohabitation contract
unexpected refusal of a visa
theft or loss of travel documents

special coverage for tailor-made travel

More and more people are putting their their own travel together, using components such as flights, hotel and rental car. Each component is booked separately to make a complete trip. American Travel Center acts as a travel intermediary and advisor. Responsibility for the provision of services rests with each individual supplier.

For people booking customized travel, Allianz Assistance offers "customized' travel cancellation insurance. For an additional premium of 1%, you are assured of a reimbursement in the event of any of the elements of that journey falling out. For example, as a result of natural disaster such as tsunami or a volcanic ash cloud, or even from too much snow at the airport. But also by riots and civil commotion (a political uprising), a defect in the transport booked separately or a sudden strike.

We can write travel risk and cancellation insurance policies online, giving you direct protection. Ask us for a quote.